Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Mom

Losing a family member is never easy, is it?

Today is my mom's birthday. In April, she will have been gone six years. She was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in early March, 2006 and was gone six weeks later. It was horrible to watch someone with such a beautiful smile and expressive eyes become but a shell of her former self in such rapid fashion.

I really intended to write a nice, long post about how much I miss her but sitting here staring at the screen...I just do not have it in me. Instead, a few memories...

I have always loved this picture...

This is the song my mother sang to me as a child...

It took me a LONG time to NOT remember her the way she was in the end but like this...

Her smile and personality was infectious. Her sense of humor was razor sharp and hysterically funny.

I am glad I finally can remember her this way. I am not sure that I will ever stop missing her. The sting is still there, just not as often. I guess that is something. 

I love you today and always, Patty Lee. (3/17/48~4/19/2006)

Thanks for reading.


  1. Lovely pictures and memories. Think of the happy times and count the bad ones as fleeting occurrences that we must endure in order for the happy times to be more vivid, more precious, more meaningful, MORE sacred. I think of it like dreary days in between pretty ones. We need the rain in order to have the beautiful flowers.

    1. Thanks, cousin. Wise words, indeed!