Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bake Pops

 Fun to do with the kiddos

A few weeks back, I ordered a Bake Pop kit online. I went for the buy one/get one deal, which worked out very well monetarily. With shipping and handling the whole total was under $40. Well worth it for something that the girls and I can do together, often, where the possibilities really are endless.

Our first go-round was just...ok. We used the cake mix directions on the box which yielded cake balls that were a touch dry. Upon referring back to the directions that came with the pop pans, we found the trick. They tell you that you can use the directions on the cake mix itself and then add a *note* with ways to make the cake balls better. (read: more moist and dense)

So, we made the next batch following those alternative directions and they came out MUCH better. We added an extra egg, used milk instead of water in half measure, and added a packet of instant pudding mix to match the flavor of the cake. The only mistake we made on the second batch was not using baking spray containing flour. It really does make a huge difference as we noticed on the third batch.

Once all the kinks were worked out, we made about three dozen pops for Hubz to bring to his last clinical day to share with the folks he had been working with and learning from. We made yellow cake balls and dipped half of them in chocolate and sprinkled them with a toffee topping. The other half we dipped the bottom half in peanut butter (melted Reese's chips) and the top half in chocolate then sprinkled them with very finely chopped peanut sprinkles. Hubz said they went over very well! In fact, I have a few emails asking about placing orders.

Overall, I like the consistency of the 'traditional' cake pop (frosting/cake mixture) but the recipe we used with the Bake Pop pans is pretty good too. The fact that they are easier to make with a LOT less mess is a good enough reason for me to use the pans more often than not when making these tasty treats!

I also tried the pans out using brownie mix. I used the directions on the box and they were delicious!  The next recipe we are going to try is peanut butter cookie pops.Yum!

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