Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Mish-Mosh

Baby Vivi's 1st birthday celebration.

Sitting here in my car while Girl-9 and Girl-8 are at their weekly dance lessons I am painfully aware of how attached I have become to technology. Specifically, I am referring to my smart phone. I don't get much time to myself and I typically use this hour to catch up on my Words with Friends matches and blogs of friends that I am terribly behind on.

Today, I intended to use this hour to chat ( yes, actual voice conversation) with my friend Charity. I fully expect to get home and find a few texts from her wondering why I haven't called. Of course, by the time this is posted, she will already know what happened. Sorry Charity!

Onto what today's post is really supposed to be about...

Yesterday we celebrated Baby Vivi's first birthday. (her birthday is coming up this week) She had a great time watching the house full of people who were there just for her. She got to dig into her very own cake (like every 1 y/o ought to) and she did a great job! She got some really nice gifts, her favorites being a Brobee doll and a musical, light-up telephone. I wonder, could it be that there is something built into the female DNA that makes us love the phone?

A big thank-you on behalf of Baby Vivi to everyone who shared in her birthday celebration!

As for me, I start school tomorrow. I mentioned in a previous post that I will be studying to become a   paralegal. Back when I decided to go to school to become a medical assistant, I had been vacillating between the medical and legal field. At that time, I was not ready to spend most of my day behind a desk so I chose the medical field. I loved it the entire time and if I could remain in doubt I would. but, my restrictions being what they are forced me to choose a new path and so here I am. I look at it as being able to travel down a road I had always considered anyway but could only do one thing at a time. In that sense, I consider myself fortunate.

Not much else going on. Hubz is settling into his new work schedule. He seems to like being in his field of choicer and is encouraged to have his foot in the door. Graduation will come sooner than he knows it and hospitals love to hire from within when they can. I  am proud of him. He is going to do very well.


  1. First off, I love that picture. 1st birthdays are awesome. They grow so fast though..=(

    I am wishing you lots of luck in school. I was just thinking how badly I would love to be a cold case detective if I didn't have such anxiety. I would love to go to school for that. Tis a shame I am the way I am.

    Anyway, you go, Girl! Love ya.

  2. What a doll! Congrats to the hubby, too!