Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting Healthy


~Sisterly Love~

The above is a picture of my daughters. They were waiting to be picked up and escorted to the annual father/daughter dance at their elementary school. They looked lovely, didn't they? By all accounts, they had a great time!

Today is day 4 of my attempt to reset my metabolism and get this extra weight off once and for all. I am a lifetime member of that system where you count the points but have found that I no longer have the sticktoitiveness to count said points. I find that I manipulate the points and they are constantly on my mind. Also, the idea that I can eat whatever I want so long as I stay within my points no longer works for me, as I have a very sweet tooth and could easily eat nothing but chocolate for days. Nope, I needed a different way to look at food.

I have also found that I can not live on shakes and meal bars alone. Anything that restricts what I can eat to just a few options is something that I will not do well with. I love my protein shakes and snack bars but I need actual food as well.

I am so pleased with this program so far that I can barely contain myself! Shipped to my door was a package containing everything that I need to be successful on this program. The most pleasant surprise was that I had virtually everything that I needed to be successful, in terms of food and drink, right in my kitchen. I have learned more about food and the proper way to eat it in four days than i could have imagined possible. I am not hungry. I eat every 2-3 hours. I have a ton of energy. Most importantly, I do not have to eat any pre-packaged, over-processed, super-expensive, tasteless food!

The program comes with these audio CDs that explain what it is you should be doing every day of the initial 21 day program. It is like having a personal coach sitting right beside you, helping you along. There is also a workout DVD with four different workouts to choose from. So far, I have been doing the 12 minute Fat Burner. It has been awhile since I did any exercising aside from walking so i am easing into it so as not to injure myself. With my restrictions due to an injury, I have to be very careful about how I exercise.

I am fighting the overwhelming urge to hop onto the scale. It really is killing me because I am used to stepping onto that blasted thing every morning. I am committed to not weighing myself until day 21. Instead, I will note any changes in how my clothes fit and how I am feeling overall.

The only thing that I have to stay away from in these first 21 days is my beloved chocolate. But, that's ok. There are plenty of things I can have to sate my sweet tooth in the mean time. I have also had to tweak my creamer because sugar, 12 types, is a no-no. Instead of drinking my flavored creamer, I am opting for flavored coffee with Splenda and light creamer. It is yummy, so I am happy.

If anyone is interested in this program and have questions about it, there is a Facebook page you can look at.


  1. What pretty girls! Resetting your metabolism, is it really possible?

  2. Thank you! Yes, resetting your metabolism is possible. I have seen great results so far. :)